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By nick on February 5, 2015 in Blog

Life experiences are like fingerprints: no two are exactly alike. Yet there is always a place we can find that gives us a connection to anyone we desire to feel connected to. As I have grown I have had the opportunity to understand more deeply the teaching of oneness. We are all inherantly interconnected whether we wish to believe it or not. We can choose to recognize this underlying connection, or we can ignore it and disconnect through our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. If I sit moralistically judging someone, I disconnect from them. If I label someone, that label can disconnect me. If I see myself as better in some way—disconnect, if I see them above me they will likely fall in my eyes , and we will disconnect.  As individuals we are all in charge of connecting or disconnecting at any given moment of the day. We don’t have to become someone’s best friend but it is valuable for each one of us to be able to witness another and connect with them in our hearts. This brings the experience of feeling at one with others.

As I travel across the vast land of Canada I meet many different looking people and I have come to know our uniqueness, yet sameness. So many who I have met in my travels carry experiences of trauma and pain that have left an imprint on their soul, and they have a story. When they come to realize the barriers they have held in place with that story—barriers that have blocked them from living so much more fully and joyfully—the experience leaves a new imprint on their soul. Someone said to me, “Why would you want to travel into the Arctic? It’s so cold there!”  What I know is this:  it may be cold outside, but the hearts of these northerns are warm and are longing to be free from old barriers that have held them prisoner for most of their lives. When I can find that place of longing within myself, I feel connected with each individual with whom I am honoured to spend time. No matter where we are in our journey, we long for more expansion. All souls are the same in this way.

This is the group I recently worked with in the north. It was a heart-warming experience for us all. We spent time together and gained insights into dissolving barriers and opening our hearts, ears, and minds to different ways. We shifted our perspective of the old stories. How? All it takes is choosing to be open to receive,  and we allow our story of pain to be transformed.

Warm blessings . . . Leslie


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