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The Language of the Heart

The Language of the Heart

Marshall uses the giraffe as the symbol to represent the Language of the Heart—Nonviolent Communication. Why? Well, the giraffe has a forty-pound heart, and so the giraffe reminds us to speak from our hearts with authenticity and honesty. The giraffe has a very long neck and can see the bigger picture as he towers over his world. When we open our eyes and choose to be open to seeing the bigger picture, our filter can change enormously. We can see more clearly when our hearts and minds are filtering our experiences through the eyes and heart of the giraffe within.

We are born hard wired to live empathically with those around us. As we download messages that change the filter we were born with, we change. Nonviolent Communication consciousness is a return to a place of loving connection to self and to the people who cross our path. We all have encounters with different people constantly throughout our day, our life. How we see them will make the difference in how we treat them. We are stimulated constantly by what is happening around us. What matters is how we filter those stimuli and then how we react. Our expression of how we feel is vital to bringing about peace and respectful connection.

Talk Peace—this is our task each day if we desire to live in a world of peace and happiness.

Blessings . . . Leslie


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