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Conflict Resolution Through NVC

NVC: The Game Changer in Conflict Resolution

Improving Crucial Conversations

Nonviolent Communication has revolutionized the way people communicate when the stakes are high. Reaching solutions are much higher when NVC skills are applied to the conversation. Practicing mutual respect when entering into difficult conversations is crucial to being able to reach solutions and agreement, as each party needs to feel heard so their needs and values are met. How to say what needs to be said while avoiding an argument is all part of the conversation. Feelings and unmet needs will be tracked to create a space where both parties are able to hear each other. Connecting through empathic listening opens a field for having meaningful connection between people who are disagreeing. These skills have been applied between warring parties in real life with amazing results.

Program Length

  • 3 days

Learn To

  • Take the lead in tough conversations
  • Gain skills in resolving touchy complex issues
  • Use empathy to defuse difficult conversations
  • Learn how to voice what we want
  • Hear others even in disagreement
  • Move toward solutions that work for all.

Suitable for

  • Workplace
  • Government
  • Home
  • Community