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Creating a Holistic Environment—For Staff

This workshop is directed at staff with the purpose of exploring specific topics that impact them, and begins team building though understanding self more deeply. Being responsible and accountable for our actions, thoughts and words can bring about such incredible positive change. People who are in service work often don’t feel appreciated, heard or understood. This can be very stressful. This workshop will offer a stronger understanding of how to apply tools that will assist individuals to enrich the services they offer, live at home more peacefully and work together as a team with mutual respect and joy. Our goal is for individuals to begin responding to each other in more loving and positive ways, communicate more compassionately and to be more aware of what is really happening in the moment.

Experiential exercises will be used throughout the workshop to keep the energy moving and interesting. Creating a fun and interactive environment for learning will be priority.

Program Length

  • 3 Days