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Daring Greatly—The Power in Vulnerability

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To dare greatly may seem like an idea that only some individuals might decide to do. To dare greatly is to live wholeheartedly, expressing what’s alive inside with no concern about the critics in this world. When one decides to let go of outcome and approval, life becomes a different experience.

This workshop will provide tools to enrich your personal and professional life, and invite peace and joy into your experience. Nonviolent Communication teaches us to raise our level of courage, inspiration and confidence to connect with the self and others to a depth that may not have been part of our world previously.

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Program Length

  • 3 Days

Learn to

  • Speak with no fear
  • Be unconcerned about criticism
  • Live with an open heart
  • Express all feelings that show up, no matter what is happening

Who Will Benefit

  • Everyone