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The Magic in Believing in Yourself—A Heal Your Life Workshop

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This 2 day workshop consists of a process that is gentle yet can very profound for all participants. Throughout the 2 days we will cover the nine points of philosophy Louise Hay has used in her training. Louise Hay is a global leader in the healing field and well-known author. Louise is 84 years young now and remains a force that is inspirational to all who read her books.

We all have choice as to how we respond to life. Louise Hay’s training gives us tools and insight to empower self.

The philosophies are covered in creative and sensitive ways, with chants (songs), guided meditation with music, experiential exercises, pairing off, and writing, sharing with a partner, practicing new positive affirmations and seeing how powerful our minds are. Understanding and insight to use our minds in life serving ways to sustain self through whatever life offers is vital to our journey here.

The workshop moves along with a pace that doesn’t become stale or too slow, it invites us to step out of the box of what’s normal for us and take a risk of being and thinking differently. A sense of renewal energetically that is filled with positive change can spring from this 2 day experience. As our filter begins to shift so our point of view of life is seen through a much different set of glasses.

To learn more about this workshop or the work of Louise Hay, visit Leslie’s website dedicated to Heal Your Life workshops,

Program Length

  • 2 Days

The 9 Philosophies

  • What we give out, we get back – this is a law of nature, that how you treat others is exactly how you will be treated. Affirmation is –“I give out love and joy, and find it wherever I turn.” Throughout the workshop positive Affirmations will be offered for the participants to use and apply for the rest of their life. As we adapt these simple yet profound tools and really give them focus and time we feel an internal shift
  • What we believe about ourselves and life becomes true for us
  • Our thoughts are creative
  • We are worth loving
  • Self-approval and self-acceptance are the keys to positive changes
  • We can release the past and forgive everyone
  • Forgiveness opens the doorway to love
  • Love is the most powerful healing force there is
  • Just be willing

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who is interested in obtaining tools to transform their life
  • Anyone who desires a clearer understanding of the barriers  that are blocking those changes
  • Anyone who would enjoy more personal empowerment
  • Anyone who desires peace in their life