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Healing From A Painful Past

Unresolved Trauma in Community

When trauma is unresolved, its effects will continue to ripple through generation after generation. In this workshop, an overview is provided about the effects of residential school, emotional abuse, sexual/physical abuse, death, addiction, suicide, lateral violence, and cultural oppression, on the individual, family and community. When the effects are understood a process of validation and healing begins. Cognitive understanding provides individuals with what is referred to as a ‘cognitive life-raft’ while they are going through their healing process, assisting them with containing their pain and avoiding being overwhelmed with their feelings. It also enables participants to begin to let go of self-blame, which, if left untouched, keeps them stuck in a place that is emotionally and spiritually unhealthy and nonproductive. Tools are suggested to provide individuals with exercises and knowledge that can bring about personal change.

Impact of Residential School

Residential School has had a devastating impact on almost every aspect of First Nations lives and communities. It is all part of the current traumas we deal with in community today. We will explore how this impact relates to trauma, grief and shame in community, while deepening the understanding and knowledge of the devastating legacy of traumatic actions forced on Aboriginal people in residential schools/day schools over the past three hundred years. An overview of multi-generational trauma will be provided to further understand the effects of residential school on families and community. Experiential exercises and discussions on healing will be used in this workshop.

Program Length

  • 3 Days