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Healing The Pain Through Nonviolent Communication Skills Training

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For some, healing from the past can take a lifetime, if it all. The practice of nonviolent communication dramatically eases and speeds this process. Participants will no longer need to struggle to achieve liberation and healing from the past.

For many, the journey from the head to the heart can be long. For some, a deep fear of what they may feel if they embark on such a journey prevents them from taking it at all. Nonviolent communication offers a safe path to personal empowerment and inner peace.

Program Length

  • 4 Days

Learn to

  • Move from self-loathing to self-acceptance—and self love
  • Free up frozen emotions
  • Have a deeper conversation with self
  • Change the filter of our current and past experiences
  • Find yourself expressing from the heart without even realizing how you got here
  • Let go of the fear attached to the “what if” conversation that can be paralyzing
  • The power of Self-Empathy
  • Remove the enemy images carried from past traumas and hurts
  • The power of self liberation

Who Will Benefit

Individuals who are interested in working constructively with unfinished past pain and gaining tools for personal empowerment and obtaining tools to sustain inner peace.