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Managing Emotional Crisis

Managing emotional crisis is about understanding how to manage oneself more effectively when negative emotions are stimulated.

Program Length

  • 3 Days

Learn to

  • Understand more clearly what unresolved trauma is
  • Understand what happens when exposed to trauma
  • Notice characteristics within oneself from unresolved trauma
  • Recognize what shame does
  • Begin to manage unresolved trauma differently through tools of empowerment
  • Notice how that voice in your head keeps you stuck in your pain. Learn how to stop that voice and move into a more joyful and emotionally peaceful place through Nonviolent Communication Skills Training.

Who Will Benefit

  • Individuals wishing to strengthen themselves through understanding oneself more deeply
  • Individuals who want to stop giving their power away when they are in emotional crisis
  • Those who want to begin to manage their personal power in more life-serving ways
  • Anyone curious about or interested in understanding their triggers and who desires an opportunity to work with knowledge and tools in life-serving ways