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Team Building With Nonviolent Communication Skills Training

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Poor communication in the workplace can lead to inefficiency, employee dissatisfaction and even psychological and physical safety issues. Through NVC training, co-workers become more aware of how they might be contributing to disconnecting conversations. This awareness brings immense opportunity to express more harmony and mutual respect. The flow in the workplace will change as individuals embrace the teachings of NVC: fewer sick days and decreased employee turnover result from the ability to address challenges at work without fear of a conversation going sideways. When we feel heard and understood at work, the result is respect, cooperation, and higher performance.

Program Length

  • 5 Days

Learn to

  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Say ‘no’ to authority figures
  • Challenge prejudice in the workplace
  • Respond when colleagues complain
  • Give feedback and evaluations that serve life
  • Mediate broken agreements
  • Answer email in more life serving ways
  • Remove the enemy images held against others
  • Dissolve lateral violence (bullying) in the workplace

Who Will Benefit

This workshop is suitable for employees in all positions.