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Understanding and Healing Shame

We all have some awareness of the pain of “losing face.” Speaking shame requires us to develop names and terms to describe some of the most painful and abstract concepts that we as humans have to confront.

Learn to

  • Explore values and vulnerability
  • Explore the difference between shame and guilt
  • Learn how we shame ourselves
  • Identify early life experiences that lead to shame experiences
  • Learn the characteristics of adults shamed in childhood
  • Learn how we “armour up” to avoid being shamed
  • Look at what it takes to dissolve the armour we hold in place

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who has experienced shame
  • Parents who find themselves shaming their children as they were shamed
  • Those who have witnessed or experienced bullying and shaming
  • Anyone who does not completely love and accept themselves

Program Length

  • 3 Days